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Turning 1 Project into 3

Things have been hopping over here – the hardware has been arriving and I’ve spent more time climbing ladders than sitting at the keyboard. When I started my solar PV project I decided to make this website to both document the work I was doing and to help serve as a resource for other people thinking about a similar undertaking. In a sense I was turning one project into two!

Somewhere along the line I ended up turning two projects into three. I’m a visual learner; watching someone perform a task helps me understand much faster than reading about how to do a job. I’ve got a little bit of video experience and a camera that takes decent video so I decided to shoot a series about installing solar PV systems (and starting project #3…)

Now I’m working all three projects in at the same time – gathering resources for the website and taking video of the work while I’m actually doing the work! On the plus side, while I have to carry the camera equipment both up and down the ladder, all the PV hardware is only going in one direction – up!

The first video is finished (link to appear shortly), progress is being made on the roof (standoffs installed and flashed, rails next) and the panels arrive tomorrow (photos to follow, of course).


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